Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Stick-Man Christmas Special (2011)

Unfortunately, this year's annual Stick-Man Christmas Special has been cancelled. I now hand you over to Stick-Man himself, who'll explain why...

Read the 2008 special HERE, the 2009 special HERE and the 2010 special HERE.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Telly Guide

Did this in 2008, but it's still just as accurate...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Iced Scream!

I did this drawing yesterday featuring Uncle Terry, star of '80s comic strip, "Monster", which appeared in the '80s UK horror comic, "Scream!"...

Handsome chap, isn't he? It's not the first time I've drawn a Christmas message featuring characters from Scream. Here's one I did of Max, (from The Thirteenth Floor), and Ghastly McNasty, (editor), a couple of years ago...

You can, of course, find out more about Scream at the Back From The Depths website.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Monday, 31 October 2011

Back From The Depths Presents : HALLOWSCREAM! 2011

It's back (from the depths),
it's horrible,
and it's flippin' huge!

The Back From The Depths 2011 HALLOWSCREAM! Hallowe'en Special is available now and totally free to download!

112 pages of peril and paranormality for your perusal behind a fangtastic cover pic by Andrew Milne! This year's issue features a slew of ghosts, ghoulies and gory things, including a sequel to the controversial Speed Date by Dirk Van Dom, (now a short film), a Vampire Vixens of The Wehrmacht pin-up by 2000ad artist Alex Ronald, (a Vampire Vixens collection should be available next year), and a story by Huw Evans which explains precisely what it is about this scary stuff that appeals to some of us.

You can download it from BACK FROM THE DEPTHS, CLICKWHEEL or DROPBOX, or view it online at MYEBOOK, (login required for myebook due to gory content).

File size is 53.3mb.

Full contents are as follows...

Page 3 : Passenger Story by Chris Sides, Art by Chris Travell
Page 9 : Storage Story by Lizzie Boyle, Art by Louis Carter
Page 14 : Pirates Story by Tim West, Art by Nathaniel Allen
Page 19 : Man-Eater Story by Alec Robertson, Art by Christopher Geary
Page 25 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
Page 26 : Deep Ship by Gordon Innes
Page 31 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
Page 32 : Deccappucino Story by Jeff Edmond, Art & Adaptation by Vin Davis
Page 39 : Vampire Vixens of The Wehrmacht Pin-up by Alex Ronald
Page 40 : The Wandering Man Story by David Hailwood, Art by Chow
Page 45 : Spatial Bewareness by Gordon Innes
Page 49 : The Offering by Emilio Martinez
Page 55 : Old Georgie Jigsaw Story by Jeff Edmond, Art & Adaptation by Vin Davis
Page 61 : Charles Wynford Lodge Movie Posters by Julian Jones
Page 62 : Donation Story by Richard Worth, Art by Christian Berg
Page 65 : Mag, Scientist (Dinnertime of The Dead) by Malcolm Kirk
Page 66 : Wonderful World of Serendipity Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Tony Rothwell, Lettering by Jim Campbell
Page 72 : A Wolf At The Door Story by Kenneth Thurtell, Art by Harry Shotton, Lettering by HdE
Page 77 : Dead Time Story Story by Scott Hartman, Art by El Chivo,
Lettering by David Withers
Page 80 : Speed Date 2 : Cruz Control Story by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Bhuna, Lettering by Chaingun Chimp
Page 86 : Ubek Naren-Ka Story by Matthew McLaughlin, Art by Ghostpockets,
Lettering by Bolt-01
Page 91 : Monster Story by Erick Lipkowski, Adaptation by Tim West,
Art by Carol Kewley
Page 97: Death Pitch Story by Jose Cruz, Art by Annie Cox
Page 103 : Teddy Bear's Picnic Story by Tim West, Art by Glen Ostrander
Page 105 : How Can You Like That Horror Stuff? by Huw Evans
Page 111 : Deadvertisements by Malcolm Kirk
Page 112 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk

Friday, 7 October 2011

HAUNTED Magazine Issue X

The tenth issue of HAUNTED magazine, (Nov/Dec 2011), is now on sale at selected branches of WH Smith and newsagents across the UK.

Among its wonderfully eclectic mix of articles and features on all things paranormal, is an exclusive one-page Hallowscream comic strip by myself, (with a couple of teensy panels by Matthew Soffe and that Ghostpockets chappy).

It's only £3.99 for over a hundred pages. It's rather good. You should probably buy it or something.


Monday, 3 October 2011

More Technical Difficulties and The Hallowscream IndieGoGo Appeal

My PC snuffed it.


Having already had a frustrating time trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with it the last time, I've decided just to buy a new one. It's up and running and everything's working fine, but there's nowhere to bung in any extra hard drives, which means I don't currently have access to anything that was stored on my old PC.

Yes, I know - I should have had everything backed-up. Well, I did have some of it backed up, just not everything. I wasn't expecting another breakdown quite so soon.

While this is a bit of an inconvenience it's not a total disaster - I should still be able to get the new issue of Hallowscream done on time, for instance. I've just got to put a bit more work in, and while we're on the subject, Hallowscream co-editor, Tim West has started an appeal to obtain funding for printed, real-life copies of said comic-book.

Here's what he has to say, (be sure to click on the IndieGoGo link - there's a nifty accompanying video using some of my artwork in a cool way)...



Hallowscream is a global horror comic that brings artists and writers together from around the world. The project is open to both amateur and professional comic creators and you can see the mix of styles and stories for yourself in the first two issues on the Hallowscream site.

Hallowscream Editor 'The Reaper'In March of this year we announced details of Hallowscream 2011 on various platforms around the internet. From that announcement we received loads of stories from eager horror writers all looking to see their work appear in an online comic. Some of these terrifying tales were already in script format while others arrived as spooky short stories or even petrifying poems. We were then able to match these stories to comic artists who had answered our call and wanted to be a part of Hallowscream. We also received a few completed horror strips from existing comic creators which had yet to be published. This year's issue features the work of contributors from America, Australia, UK (where it all began) and the rest of Europe!

Visit the IndieGoGo site to find out more details and to pledge money to this project. Make sure you check out the promotional video and take a look at the rewards you get for pledging money to the cause.

If the full target is not reached then the campaign will be cancelled and this fang-tastic comic will not be printed. It's all or nothing by October 31st.

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Thursday, 30 June 2011

More Oink! Characters

Following on from my previous blog entry featuring drawings of Oink! characters, I've gone and done some more.

First of all, Tom Thug...

Originally created by Lew Stringer, Tom featured in one of two stories from Oink! to make the transition over to Buster comic once the former was cancelled, becoming one of the most popular stories in the latter.

The other story was Pete and His Pimple...

...also created by Lew Stringer. This fared less well in Buster, due to being toned down for a slightly younger readership, (the zits ceased bursting, no longer covering everyone and everything in the vicinity in pus). The strip was also reprinted in a few issues of Sweden's Herman Hedning comic

Lew Stringer's Website

Lew Stringer's Blog

Next we have Regurgitating Robbie...

Robbie was originally drawn by Charlie Brooker, (who was only a teenager when he worked for Oink!). He now presents stuff on telly and has a column in The Guardian and he turned Davina McCall into a zombie once.

Lastly, Billy's Brain and Harry The Head.

Billy's Brain was drawn by cartoonist David Haldane, also responsible for Rubbishman. He doesn't have much of a web presence but there's a short biography here...

Harry The Head was drawn by musician Marc Riley, who also appeared as Snatcher Sam in photo-stories in the comic and helped put together the free flexidisc with issue one. Marc is now a DJ on BBC 6 Music.

That's it for now, but Oink! has so many other memorable characters that I'll probably do a few more pics at some point in the future, so watch this space.

Now can someone please bring the comic back so I can submit all this stuff to it?




Wednesday, 29 June 2011

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Poo Poo Tinkle Tinkle Parp Parp...


Those were just some of the lyrics on a free flexi-disc single that graced the cover of the first issue of a new British children's comic in 1986.

"Oink!" was its name, and in spite of what almost everyone everywhere says, it was not a junior version of Viz. It was actually modelled on Mad magazine (not sure where I obtained this information from, but it was probably from an authoritative source and certainly makes a lot of sense).

Click here for the wikipedia entry.

Done that? Good. You'll have read all about the important stuff like how an embryonic Charlie Brooker was involved and how it was very controversial and stuff, (just ignore that bit where they compare it to Viz).

Anyhue... I recently acquired a number of issues of Oink! My brother's been building up a collection via ebay and he sold me some of his doubles. Looking through them all prompted me to have a go at drawing my takes on some of the characters. So that's what this blog post is all about.

First up, Uncle Pigg, porcine editor of said publication...

Next, Burp The Smelly Alien...

Burp was the creation of Banx. You can see some examples of the strip on his website here...

There's apparently also an animated version in development. Check this out...

Finally, (for the moment), Horace "Ugly-Face" Watkins...

Horace was originally drawn by Tony Husband whose website is here... ...and has some interesting Oink-related stuff on it.

Might do some more Oinky drawings and stick them in a future blog thingy, but that's yir lot for now.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mag, Scientist : Episode Seventeen!


Eight year old mad scientist, Maggie Wotrang, has artificially evolved a frog to act as her assistant and named him Igorf. Having built a vehicle out of part of a fairground attraction she received in exchange for some faulty zombies, Maggie coerces Igorf into test driving the machine.

Now, read on...

Click HERE to read from the start!