Monday, 3 October 2011

More Technical Difficulties and The Hallowscream IndieGoGo Appeal

My PC snuffed it.


Having already had a frustrating time trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with it the last time, I've decided just to buy a new one. It's up and running and everything's working fine, but there's nowhere to bung in any extra hard drives, which means I don't currently have access to anything that was stored on my old PC.

Yes, I know - I should have had everything backed-up. Well, I did have some of it backed up, just not everything. I wasn't expecting another breakdown quite so soon.

While this is a bit of an inconvenience it's not a total disaster - I should still be able to get the new issue of Hallowscream done on time, for instance. I've just got to put a bit more work in, and while we're on the subject, Hallowscream co-editor, Tim West has started an appeal to obtain funding for printed, real-life copies of said comic-book.

Here's what he has to say, (be sure to click on the IndieGoGo link - there's a nifty accompanying video using some of my artwork in a cool way)...



Hallowscream is a global horror comic that brings artists and writers together from around the world. The project is open to both amateur and professional comic creators and you can see the mix of styles and stories for yourself in the first two issues on the Hallowscream site.

Hallowscream Editor 'The Reaper'In March of this year we announced details of Hallowscream 2011 on various platforms around the internet. From that announcement we received loads of stories from eager horror writers all looking to see their work appear in an online comic. Some of these terrifying tales were already in script format while others arrived as spooky short stories or even petrifying poems. We were then able to match these stories to comic artists who had answered our call and wanted to be a part of Hallowscream. We also received a few completed horror strips from existing comic creators which had yet to be published. This year's issue features the work of contributors from America, Australia, UK (where it all began) and the rest of Europe!

Visit the IndieGoGo site to find out more details and to pledge money to this project. Make sure you check out the promotional video and take a look at the rewards you get for pledging money to the cause.

If the full target is not reached then the campaign will be cancelled and this fang-tastic comic will not be printed. It's all or nothing by October 31st.

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