Sunday, 26 February 2012

15 Seconds to Zarjaz (Part 2) & Down The Tubes 2000ad Interview

Here's eight new drawings of 2000ad characters, each done in 15 seconds. For the first lot, click here. Some of these characters are a bit more recent than the last lot, but you should know at least a couple of them if you've ever been a squax...

Also, it being 2000ad's 35th birthday this month, Down The Tubes have been running a series of interviews on the subject with a variety of comic creators and fans. My one seems to have been the last to go up, (always better to be fashionably late to a party). You can read it by clicking HERE and the whole lot of 'em by clicking HERE.

Splundig Vur Thrigg!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

15 Seconds to Zarjaz

It's 2000ad's 35th birthday this week. In honour of this, I thought I'd post some pictures I drew a couple of years ago depicting some of the characters from this long running, alien-edited, science fiction comic. However, they're slightly odd because I decided to do an experiment to see if I could capture a recognizable likeness in 15 second scribbles. I kinda' could.

Might do some more of these. For the moment, if you're familiar with the comic, see if you can work out who these are supposed to be...

Edit : You can now see eight more HERE .

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back From The Depths Presents : BLACKFRIARS

The year is 793 AD. Savage, heathen armies from the north invade Northumberland, for today is the day of the viking, but the night... The night belongs to something else.

Now available as a free pdf download, Blackfriars is a tale of vampires versus vikings by Michael Crouch.

The first episode appeared in the 2010 edition of Hallowscream, with further episodes appearing on Michael's blog in weekly instalments. The story is drawn in the style of a serial from the classic British "Scream!" comic.

The cover is by John Caliber and there's a short image gallery at the back of the collection with artwork by Andrew Milne, David Blankley, and Grant Perkins (with Mike Bunt inking and Owen Watts colouring).

Download now from CLICKWHEEL, MEDIAFIRE or view online at MYEBOOK.

A download link will probably also appear on the homepage of BACK FROM THE DEPTHS in the near future.

File size = 30MB.


Michael Crouch's website

Michael Crouch's blog

Friday, 17 February 2012

Temple APA Issue X

FROM THE DEPTHS OF SPACE... The tenth issue of the Temple APA digital comics showcase is now available for free download.

This issue contains 60 pages of artwork and strips by a host of creators, including Tony Suleri, Dave Hailwood, Simon Mackie, Paul Eldridge, Greg Meldrum, Tim West and Malcolm Kirk, (who also compiled the issue and created the cover artwork).

To download, right click HERE and "save target/link as".

PDF file size is 17.2MB.

You can also download from CLICKWHEEL, MEDIAFIRE or view online at MYEBOOK.

The Temple APA is a showcase for amateur and professional creators active in the UK comics scene. If you'd like to contribute or just want more information, check out the Temple website.