Saturday, 22 December 2018

Scream The Horror Magazine : Issue 52 Jan/Feb 2019

Another page of my Deadvertisements appears in the  latest issue (52 Jan Feb 2019) of Scream, (the horror magazine), which is now on sale in UK branches of WH Smiths, McColl's, Martin's and Forbidden Planet and in Eason's in Ireland. (It'll also go on sale in the US in around 8 weeks time in branches of Barnes and NobleBooks A Million and Chapters Indigo.)

100 pages packed with excellent horror articles, news, reviews, previews and interviews for £4.95.

You can also get subscriptions worldwide from their website.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Back From The Depths Presents : Hallowscream! Hallowe'en Special 2018

Read any evil books lately?

The terrifying tenth edition of the annual Hallowscream! Hallowe'en Special has been discovered on a dusty shelf in a dark corner of an out of the way second hand bookshop has been released as a totally free pdf file! 76 pages packed with peculiar and paranormal (paperback) perils for your perusal!

Here Are The Download Links (right click and 'save as') :

Lo-res Version (file size = 29.5mb) :       MEDIAFIRE     DROPBOX

Hi-res Version (file size = 91.6mb) :       MEDIAFIRE     DROPBOX

You can also read the issue online at :      ISSUU

 These are the full contents behind the repellently retro cover by Malcolm Kirk...

Page 3 : It's A Living  Script by Christopher R Matusiak, Art by Mohamed Rezk & Andre
Short, Lettering by Nikki Powers
Page 9 : Lost A Piece  Story by Daniel Valenti, Art by Nick Purvis, Lettering by Nikki Powers
Page 13 : A Lousy Halloween  Story & Art by Rick Perez, Lettering by Malcolm Kirk
Page 16 : Mr. Giggles  Story by Tim West, Art by Vince Karter
Page 19 : Double Exposure  Written by Troy Vevasis, Art & Lettering by Joseba Morales
Page 23 : Bestiary of Beasties : Bogle Bee / Bigfoot  Text & Art by Malcolm Kirk
Page 24 : He Said She Said  Story by Rob Stanley, Art by J.C. Grande, Letters by Nikki Powers
Page 29 : Mr. Ayeliss In Room 214  Story & Art by Rick Perez
Page 35 : Dependents  Story by Dan Tappan, Art by Brian Benjamin, Letters by Justin Birch
Page 45 : The Welcome Party  Story by Paul Bradford, Art by Allen Byrnss
Page 46 : Tell-Tale Signs  Story by Malcolm Kirk, Art by Carol Kewley
Page 51 : Kaligono  Script by Andrès Briano, Art by Ken Best, Letters by Tim West
Page 57 : Snitcher's Ditch  Written by Time West, Art by James Guinnevan Seymour
Page 61 : Turdnado  Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 63 : No Strings  Written by Kyle Lawrence, Art & lettering by Nick Cagnetti
Page 67 : Terror of The Sheep II Chapter 2  Story & Art by Malcolm Kirk
Page 71 : The Graverobber  by Tom Burleigh
Page 73 : Grim Gallery  Artwork by Carol Kewley & Malcolm Kirk
Page 75 : Deadvertisements  by Malcolm Kirk
Page 76 : Back Cover Skull  by Malcolm Kirk

Previous issues of Hallowscream are available to download from or you can buy real-life monochrome paperback versions from Lulu.comHAPPY HALLOWE'EN!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Scream The Horror Magazine : Issue 50 Sept/Oct 2018

Bit late with this because I only just found out. There's another page of  my Deadvertisements in the latest issue of Scream, (the horror magazine), currently available in the UK from WH Smiths and most branches of Forbidden Planet, and Easons bookstores in Ireland. It should also be available in America and Canada in a few weeks time from Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and Chapters Indigo stores, (and probably in Australia from somewhereorother).

That's issue 50 Sept/Oct 2018, £4.50, 100 pages, with a big scary picture of Michael Myers, a cheery buck-toothed mess of a zombie and Marilyn Manson a freaky nun on the front cover and lots of other very interesting sounding stuff inside.

You can also get subscriptions worldwide from their website.

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Monday, 30 April 2018

Hallowscream! Tenth Terror-filled Issue Submission Guidelines

It's the time of the year, (Beltane, apparently), when we at Back From The Depths are once again looking for contributors for our freaky free annual pdf horror comic, HALLOWSCREAM, so here are the submission guidelines...

Submissions should be horror orientated and must be weird or spooky to make the final cut.

We are mainly looking for completed comic strips between 1-7 pages in length. Anything already completed is far more likely to make it into the comic.

Script submissions should also preferably be around 1-7 pages in length.

Eerie illustrations and artwork along with interesting horror/comic articles, scary short stories, petrifying poems or anything just plain creepy will also be considered.

To get an idea of the sort of stuff we're after, you can download previous issues of Hallowscream here.

If you're looking to illustrate something, get in contact and we'll give you details of available scripts to see if anything suits your fancy.

We'll also consider material previously published elsewhere, as long as the contributors own the copyright.

Completed artwork can be either colour or black and white, and should preferably be A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) 300 dpi jpeg or png.

Submissions can be sent to or

As this is a non-profit, small press publication, contributors will not be paid but they will retain copyright on any material submitted.


Scripts, articles and text submissions : Monday 30th July 2018

Artwork : Tuesday 16th October 2018

Completed strips : Tuesday 23rd October 2018.

The finished issue will be available online as a free pdf by October 31st, with a physical copy becoming available via, soon afterwards. You can also keep up to date with Hallowscream news via the Facebook Page.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Dredd Over Eels (ZX Spectrum Game)

First, Monsterbytes Software brought you the game of Zombo, featuring the eponymous semi-undead flesh-gnawing anti-hero, (actually quite nice once you get to know him)...

Then, Santa went mental, (and started puking up Christmas trees or something), in Zombo's Christmas Capers...

Now, from the pages of 2000 AD comes a new game for the ZX Spectrum featuring Mega-City One's most famous lawman battling interdimensional entities in a future-shocked world!

You are The Law.
You are Judge Dredd.
This is Dredd Over Eels...


Cockney gangster Jimmy The Spug has decided to get into a more respectable line of work and has opened a chain of eateries providing 'authentic London cuisine' to the citizens of Mega-City One. Unfortunately, the food is not quite as authentic as advertised. Jimmy has cut corners and saved money by 'acquiring' illegal dimension-jump technology. Instead of importing sea-food from the shores of Brit-Cit, he's been obtaining stock directly from parallel universes. But these interdimensional eels are sentient and aren't too pleased to find themselves grabbed from their oceanic worlds to sate the appetites of greedy bipeds. Now the eels and a host of other displaced creatures have escaped and overrun the city, causing mayhem wherever they roam and/or slither.


Judge Dredd is tasked with exploring the city and tracking down The Eel King, before shooting it dead. It shouldn't be too difficult - it's just a collection of eels. However, on his way he'll encounter the other beasts transported across the aether because of Jimmy The Spug's restauranteurial ambitions. Some are harmless and may prove useful, others mean no harm but are dangerous due to their intense curiosity, some will block Dredd's path, and others are from a dark eel dimension where all marine-life is a crime.

Also be on the lookout for Justice Department's new Mechanismo Mini units. These malfunctioning machines have become violently unstable due to eels getting up inside them, and must now be destroyed. Dredd will also encounter friendlier robots that can transport him to areas otherwise impossible to reach.

Go carefully. For the purposes of gritty realism, Dredd has only one life, (and the 3D Game Maker program I used didn't give me the option of adding more).

What the Drokk is that?

  • Kempston Joystick
  • Sinclair Joystick
  • Cursor Joystick (or keys, 0 = jump)
Up - Move forward
Left + Right - Rotate
Down - Fire
Fire - Jump
A - Quit game
ALT and F4 - Exit bundled emulator
Zip file includes the instructions and mock inlay shown above, tzx, tap, z80 and sna files, PLUS a version you can run straight away without setting anything up! Just extract the files, click on "Dredd Over Eels.bat", (or "Dredd.exe" in the 'PC' folder), and you'll be up and running. You can even use your favourite control pad by selecting 'Kempston' from the options.

Dredd Over Eels is a completely unofficial, not-for-profit fan-game by Malcolm Kirk.
Created using Iain Christopher Hayward's 3D Game Maker.
Judge Dredd™ Rebellion A/S, © Rebellion A/S.

Created in conjunction with the 2000AD MESSAGEBOARD ADVENT CALENDAR 2017.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Crash Annual 2018

I was originally going to mention this in an addendum to a post I'm writing for tomorrow, but I thought it deserved a post of its own, so...

Available right now from Fusion Retro Books is the Crash Annual 2018. A 120 page hardback featuring news, reviews and features on subjects relating to the popular 1980s 8-bit computer, the ZX Spectrum.

Not showing the cover 'cos I know some folk aren't opening their's
'til Xmas and don't want it spoiled. Seems a bit daft to me, but you
know what geeky folk in their 40s and 50s can be like. Tch, eh?

The original Crash magazine was published from 1984 to 1992 and this book continues from where it left off, with the same look, the same variety of articles and some of the same people involved, bringing it bang up to date with the latest goings on in the thriving Speccy community. It's almost like it never went away, and well worth a look if you used to read it back in ye olden times or you've got a thing for retro computer systems. There's Oli Bugs in it and everything.

The book is the result of a recent Kickstarter campaign, but is available to everyone from the Retro Fusion Books website for the reasonable price of £15. There are also a few copies left with the Kickstarter perks for an additional tenner.

It's obviously way too late to order a copy and expect it to turn up in time for the 25th, but a Spectrum's not just for Christmas, is it? 

Order a copy here.

...and if the Spectrum wasn't your 8-bit of choice back in the day, then you may like the news that there's a Zzap!64 Book planned for next year for the Commodore lot.

So, "why are you mentioning this annual here, Malcolm?" I definitely don't hear you ask. Because my Zombo Spectrum game is reviewed in it for one thing, (incidental review related tip : use the version of the game in the Mint Choc Chip folder if the key pressing thing is annoying you), and the post I'm writing for tomorrow regards matters of a related nature.

Interested? I'll see you here tomorrow then. 

Scream The Horror Magazine : Issue 46 Jan/Feb 2018

Another page of my 'deadvertisements' appears within the brand new issue of Scream, the horror magazine.

The Jan/Feb issue, (46) , is out now in branches of WH Smith, costs £4.50 and has 100 pages of news, reviews, interviews and features on all things horror.

Available from WH SmithsForbidden PlanetHMV and Fopp in the UK, Easons in Ireland, and will also be available a few weeks later in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Scream Website :
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