Thursday, 30 June 2011

More Oink! Characters

Following on from my previous blog entry featuring drawings of Oink! characters, I've gone and done some more.

First of all, Tom Thug...

Originally created by Lew Stringer, Tom featured in one of two stories from Oink! to make the transition over to Buster comic once the former was cancelled, becoming one of the most popular stories in the latter.

The other story was Pete and His Pimple...

...also created by Lew Stringer. This fared less well in Buster, due to being toned down for a slightly younger readership, (the zits ceased bursting, no longer covering everyone and everything in the vicinity in pus). The strip was also reprinted in a few issues of Sweden's Herman Hedning comic

Lew Stringer's Website

Lew Stringer's Blog

Next we have Regurgitating Robbie...

Robbie was originally drawn by Charlie Brooker, (who was only a teenager when he worked for Oink!). He now presents stuff on telly and has a column in The Guardian and he turned Davina McCall into a zombie once.

Lastly, Billy's Brain and Harry The Head.

Billy's Brain was drawn by cartoonist David Haldane, also responsible for Rubbishman. He doesn't have much of a web presence but there's a short biography here...

Harry The Head was drawn by musician Marc Riley, who also appeared as Snatcher Sam in photo-stories in the comic and helped put together the free flexidisc with issue one. Marc is now a DJ on BBC 6 Music.

That's it for now, but Oink! has so many other memorable characters that I'll probably do a few more pics at some point in the future, so watch this space.

Now can someone please bring the comic back so I can submit all this stuff to it?




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Poo Poo Tinkle Tinkle Parp Parp...


Those were just some of the lyrics on a free flexi-disc single that graced the cover of the first issue of a new British children's comic in 1986.

"Oink!" was its name, and in spite of what almost everyone everywhere says, it was not a junior version of Viz. It was actually modelled on Mad magazine (not sure where I obtained this information from, but it was probably from an authoritative source and certainly makes a lot of sense).

Click here for the wikipedia entry.

Done that? Good. You'll have read all about the important stuff like how an embryonic Charlie Brooker was involved and how it was very controversial and stuff, (just ignore that bit where they compare it to Viz).

Anyhue... I recently acquired a number of issues of Oink! My brother's been building up a collection via ebay and he sold me some of his doubles. Looking through them all prompted me to have a go at drawing my takes on some of the characters. So that's what this blog post is all about.

First up, Uncle Pigg, porcine editor of said publication...

Next, Burp The Smelly Alien...

Burp was the creation of Banx. You can see some examples of the strip on his website here...

There's apparently also an animated version in development. Check this out...

Finally, (for the moment), Horace "Ugly-Face" Watkins...

Horace was originally drawn by Tony Husband whose website is here... ...and has some interesting Oink-related stuff on it.

Might do some more Oinky drawings and stick them in a future blog thingy, but that's yir lot for now.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mag, Scientist : Episode Seventeen!


Eight year old mad scientist, Maggie Wotrang, has artificially evolved a frog to act as her assistant and named him Igorf. Having built a vehicle out of part of a fairground attraction she received in exchange for some faulty zombies, Maggie coerces Igorf into test driving the machine.

Now, read on...

Click HERE to read from the start!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Temple APA Issue Nine

The ninth issue of the Temple APA digital comics showcase is now available to download as a completely free pdf file. Featuring 48 pages of artwork and stories from a host of creators, including Tony Suleri, John Owens, Dave Hailwood, Dirk Van Dom, Matthew McLaughlin, Paul Eldridge, Malcolm Kirk and Simon Mackie, (who also provides the cover artwork, displayed above).

To download, right click HERE and "save target/link as"

File size is 15.19 mb

You can also obtain it from CLICKWHEEL, MEDIAFIRE or it's available to read online at MYEBOOK.

The Temple APA is a showcase of UK based comicbook talent, both amateur and professional. If you'd like to contribute or just want more information, check out the Temple website.