Monday, 28 September 2020

HotchPotch Comic Collection 1

Now available to buy on Amazon is this handy new black & white collection of self-contained stuff from the first four issues of HotchPotch, which of course includes the Bizarre Beasties I drew for said issues. Blurb follows...

Secret Agent ducks…treasure obsessed goblins…intergalactic child journalists and more in this action packed humorous comic anthology for children.

See plucky young goblin Dank Grapple and his fearless band of adventurers attempt to plunder a dragon’s hoard in Sneaky Goblins by Disney artist Rene Pfitzner.

Watch secret agent Double O Ducky take on ninja cats, Russian bears, android gym teachers, and a planet eating Moon Monster!

Smell child journalist Korrentheus Attenbaur and his faithful photo-droid Jerry, as they attempt to cover an intergalactic baked bean eating championship…with dire consequences!

Hotchpotch Comic Collection 1 pulls together over 100 pages of self-contained comic strips from issues 1-4 of the popular children’s comic, and would make the perfect gift for fans of Phoenix Comics, The Beano, Warhammer or How To Train Your Dragon.

Purchase links below...

Amazon UK               Amazon US

...and you can read about what else is currently available from Biomekazoik Press HERE!

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