Saturday, 29 February 2020

HotchPotch Issue 3

Two more of my "Bizarre Beasties" appear in HotchPotch issue 3, now available from Amazon...

Hotchpotch Comic Issue 3 is available now in Print and Kindle format on Amazon!

Treasure obsessed goblins, bellybutton wormholes, secret agent elephants and more in this full colour on-going comic anthology for children aged 8-12. 

Dank the goblin and his orc and wizard travelling companions face off against a devious dragon that’s terrorising a village in Stop The Dragon by Disney artist Rene Pfitzner.

Child journalist Korrentheus Attenbaur and his faithful droid photographer Jerry choose exactly the wrong spot from which to cover a story about a sun going supernova in an explosive sci fi adventure by David Hailwood and Dave Thomson.

Jellybean learns the dangers of opening portals to other worlds using his bellybutton, when he’s immediately attacked by ravenous portal monsters in part three of The Last Of The Navel Navigators by David Hailwood, Brett Burbridge and Ken Reynolds.

Ham struggles with the age-old dilemma of what to eat first – the banana or the carrot, in Ham and Egg by Daniel Arruda Massa.

All this and more awaits you inside the third thrill-packed issue of Hotchpotch.

If you're a fan of Phoenix Comics, The Beano, Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons then this comic anthology is for you.

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