Thursday, 4 November 2010

Right. That's Hallowscream dealt with, now... deal with the next issue of that Temple APA thing.

It's for UK based creators, both amateur and professional, the deadline for the next issue is November 28th, writers are required to find their own artist to team up with and vice versa, already completed strips or pieces of artwork are welcome, (even if they've appeared elsewhere), submissions can be in colour or black and white and any length, A4 sized jpegs are the preferred format and, *pauses for breath*, an intro page is required telling folk a bit about yourselves.

The address to send your contributions to is

A Wintery or Christmassy theme might be appropriate for this one, I think.


  1. Malcolm, you're a madman! Thanks so much for taking your free time to give all the rest of us starving artists a platform. Cheers!

  2. Ye're welcome.

    I'm not that mad. The deadline was originally going to be October.