Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back From The Depths Presents HALLOWSCREAM! (2009 Hallowe'en Special)

Last year saw the 25th birthday of Scream! , a shortlived British horror comic. To celebrate this, the members of the forum of the Back From The Depths fansite decided to produce a horror comic of their own. In actual fact, there had been talk of a tribute issue for a few years, but the 25th anniversary seemed a good time to finally get our act together, so yours truly set some deadlines, rushed like mad to put it all together and on Hallowe'en night, 2009, it finally appeared as a free, downloadable pdf file...

72 pages of horror comic, delivered on time, albeit with one or two rough edges. Overall, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

You can download it from Clickwheel by following the link below...

...or right click the attachment at the Back From The Depths ning site and "save target as"...

2014 Edit : Click HERE to download or HERE to view online!

... or you can now also read it online at myebook

...but you'll need an account to be able to read it there, because I set it to be for "mature readers".

Another special is planned for this year and I'll be posting the submission guidelines for that in the not too distant future. Watch this space.

Full list of contents for the first issue follows...

Front Cover... Artwork by Dracaddict
Page 2... White Werewolf Pin-up by Andrew Milne
Page 3... Contents Designed by Carol Kewley
Page 4… BUZZZ! Story by Tim West, Art by Andrew Milne
Page 6… Dracula : Harker’s Journey by Rattan Bhagwandin
Page 13… Time Tours Story by Rory Kavanagh, Art by Bolt-01
Page 14… How Not To Sell Your Haunted House Poem by Shaun Avery, Art by J McMonagle
Page 15… Mostly Haunted Story by Tim West, Art by Carol Kewley
Page 20… A Grim Tale : Arthur by Malcolm Kirk
Page 22… Glubbleblugg Story by Matthew McLaughlin, Art by Conor Boyle
Page 25… Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
Page 26… Hell’s Belles Story by Dave Hailwood, Art by Chow
Page 29… The Golem Rises Story by Mister Roberts, Art by Simon Mackie
Page 36… A Grim Tale : Stone The Crows Story by Tim West, Art by Andrew Milne
Page 37… A Grim Tale : Bloodline by Malcolm Kirk
Page 38… Avenger Story by Mo Ali, Art by Brian Gorman, Lettering by Chris Harvey
Page 44… The Bucket of Blood Story by Andrew Milne & Carol Kewley, Art by Matt Soffe
Page 51… Last Orders Story by Dave Hailwood, Art by Stuart Giddings
Page 52… Trick Or Treat Story by John Gatehouse, Art by Dave Windett
Page 53… Special Ingredient Story by Rory Kavanagh, Art by Andrew Milne
Page 55… Field of Screams by Malcolm Kirk

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